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Art day with SUJU & Jamfire

On 15.4. our club was part of the art festival and we thank the Student Union of JU for the invitation!

10:41, 30/04/2024

Omlouváme se, tato položka je k dispozici pouze v Angličtina (Usa).

Art day…art festival in České Budějovice, which took place on 15-17.4. we also managed to stir up and fill Kampa with a fiery atmosphere.

It was not a JAMFIRE like any other, we tried to make ourselves a bit more cultured. This meant that there was no shortage of art games and also a special guest! At our event, after minor complications, the Jindřichův Hradec “Poetry Hanger” Drunken Poet arrived. We must say that at least we enjoyed his performance beyond measure.

With this short article we would like to thank the Student Union of the University of South Bohemia for inviting us to this festival so that we could become part of another great project that has been running at the University of South Bohemia for some years now.

Finally, we would like to invite you to our last “Summer Jamfire” of the year, which will take place on 7 May at 6 pm at the Kampa Student Club. We want to say goodbye and thank you for this great first year on the scene.

Jamfire – an event that is run by you!

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