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Life in České Budějovice and practical tips

České Budějovice is a beautiful town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

13:35, 08/08/2022

Omlouváme se, tato položka je k dispozici pouze v Angličtina (Usa).

It’s neither a big town nor a small one, but it’s perfect and feels like safe heaven with nearly 100 000 inhabitants.

Student life:

Actually, České Budějovice (Budweis) is a university city, where lots of Erasmus students and international students are seen. If you are a bit lazy, don’t worry, the city has all kinds of fun activity areas to entertain students. Clubs, pubs, libraries, theatres, shopping malls, gyms, swimming pools, movie screens, castles, museums and what not…!

If you are nature loving person, you have many walking routes around the city through the forests (very safe) at your disposal. There are also many bike routes to nearby attractions and river sidewalks for a long stretch to make you feel refreshed.

If you are a bookworm and career-oriented, feel free to visit the USB Academic Library and all the departments of the University nearby. Everybody would welcome you to their institute and flood your mind with their knowledge.

Accommodation and costs of living:

  • If you are a student, the accommodation in the dormitories ranges from CZK 110–200 per night depending on the level of luxury you expect.
  • Private accommodation nearby is also available at http://www.kolejepedagog.cz/o-nas.html. It’s very near the University.
  • Single bed apartments/studios would range around CZK 5000–7500 per month.
  • Lunch costs around CZK 50–75 in the University refectories, and daily menus in at restaurants cost about CZK 120–150.
  • Many supermarkets and hypermarkets like Kaufland, Globus, Albert, and Billa are available to meet all your needs according to your budget.

Travel and transportation:

  • Every part of the city is easily reached on foot using the dedicated walk paths for pedestrians.
  • Trolley buses are at your service 24/7 with less frequency after 11 pm.
    Please remember to validate your tickets always to avoid a hefty penalty. Tickets cost CZK 20/hour. Monthly and yearly passes are available at DPMCB offices.
    Tip: Students below the age of 26 years are eligible for a discount if they present a valid student ID/ISIC card.
  • Trains: train station (Nádraží), Bus station (Autobusové Nádraží)

Websites: Train (cd.cz, regiojet), Bus (idos, flixbus, studentagency).

Budweis is very well connected with all parts of the Czech Republic and cities in nearby countries. Travel hassle-free!!!

Food and dining:

Breakfast options: Kavárna (Coffee shops), supermarkets for a morning snack.

Restaurants: 3 Indian restaurants (Indicky, Tandoor, Gateway of India)
Spanish (Cabana), Italian pizzas, Turkish Kebabs, German burgers, KFCs, McDondald’s, Burger king’s, few Chinese, many Vietnamese, unlimited Czech restaurants available to save you from hunger.

Beverages: All kinds of soft drinks and beers (Czech as a beer nation would never make you feel low)

Delivery apps: Damejidlo, Bolt food, Wolt food (some also deliver daily essential goods)

Navigation: Google maps, Mapy.cz (Preferred)

Tip: Save your places offline beforehand to make your travel safe.

Medical Insurance: VZP, Uniqua, Maxima.
Tip: Please contact or see the information of a registered doctor in the area you want to live.

Health: Please register with a regular physician with valid insurance to avoid hassle with appointments and booking orders last minute when suffering.

Emergency or Ambulance: You can visit the City hospital Nemocnice in an emergency situation 24/7 with valid health insurance.

Network Providers: T-mobile, Vodafone, O2 Internet.
Emergency contacts:

  • 112 – European emergency number to connect to all departments like the police, fire and rescue and medical emergency services
  • 158 – Police
  • 156 – City or municipal police
  • 150 – Fire and rescue
  • 155 – Emergency medical service

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