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JAMFIRE N.3 – \”Can You Make It?\”

JAMFIRE, which has so far surpassed all past events in collaboration with REDBULL\'s event \"Can You Make It?\" There were great prizes to be won, the atmosphere was charged, the good mood was warming our hearts and there was LOTS of music! JAMFIRE - an event that is run by you!

18:42, 17/03/2024

Omlouváme se, tato položka je k dispozici pouze v Angličtina (Usa).

JAMFIRE in conjunction with REBULL, this term alone smacks of a really great event that should bring a lot of joy to many a student’s heart…and it did! Lots of people came to the event and the great mood prevailed until late at night (and we can’t count the after party).
People from the event “Can You Make It?” together with JAMFIR prepared a great program and besides the great music, which was taken care of by the guys from the jam, there was also a lot of competitions. The prizes were also great and there was plenty to drink. Every fan of non-correct entertainment had to come into his own and certainly left the event full of great impressions and mood.
Merch was also handed out in heaps and more was ordered, JUST SO FAR!
JAMFIRE is already looking forward to next time…planning is underway. So keep an eye on social media for this still new event and guild. Check IG and FB for all the latest news from the world of this student event in a timely manner, and don’t worry, we’ll post something to this site if the worst happens.

PS: Photos are already up! (FB – JAMFIRE)
JAMFIRE – an event that is run by you!

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